Sunday, 28 November 2010

What I've Loved This Week....

... is planning. The plan for moving 2 houses into space currently occupied by 1 quite average sized one is continuing apace. Cupboards have been emptied, the contents have been packed into boxes and transported. The boxes have then been unpacked, moved around, reviewed and left in piles. Some of them have been put in alphabetical order.

A bizarre game of musical cupboards has taken place. The contents danced round until the music stopped and each time one of them was left out. Some cups and saucers lost and are sitting on the dining table.

Most importantly of all, the kitchen drawer has been emptied.

Don't pretend you don't know what I mean. We all have one. It's the drawer where you put things until you need them or until you find their matching bit or when you're tidying away in a hurry. In there, I have found the following:-
  • one umbrella cover (umbrella lost approx 6 years ago)
  • one eighth birthday candle (son now 12)
  • several allen keys (flatpack furniture still holding, mainly)
  • one mobile phone charger (phone no longer used)
  • one bottle of Tippex
  • one tube of glue
  • approx 23 loose batteries
  • one bank card (approx 6 years out of date)
  • several store cards (some of the shops now under adminstration)
  • one as yet unidentified object (appears to be something technical, like a bolt thing, with a washer on it. Clearly important and being kept until it's true potential is realised)
I'll be honest, unless the other half was moving in, this drawer and it's entertainment value would have been undiscovered for some time yet. You see, I knew there was an upside!

I'm kidding of course. I can't wait until he's all moved in.

And I'd have done the drawer when I needed a battery for the remote.

But go on, you can tell me. What's in your kitchen drawer? I promise, it's just between you and me.


  1. I have an astonishing number of skewers and paper cases for various sizes of cupcakes. The last lot of cupcakes I made were a carrot cake mix, and an utter disaster (we had to throw most of them out).

  2. Glue, plastic bags, a pair of old tights, screwdrivers and mobile phone chargers which don't work with any of our phones.

    And the best part is they will stay exactly where they are until we move house.

  3. Ours is the cupboard where the boiler is located and it upsets me everytime I open the door when all the contents come tumbling out!

    Contents - gift bags, batteries, lightbulbs, plastic bags, squirty plant sprayer, pen pot, screwdrivers, guarantees and electrical manuals and lots more which I am liable to black-bag anytime soon!

  4. Happy New Year!
    Hope the move went well and you are coming back for a blog v soon ;)
    I can't even bear to think about that drawer, the kids love it though!

  5. I had loads of these drawers - my just in case drawers/cupboards/boxes. Then I decluttered! rid myself of the lot. I must admit I have later missed stuff!! the mobile phone charger thing does my head in - I had loads, like what do you do with them? So I turned up at a mobile phone shop dumped them on the desk and said - what do I do? and they took the lot. Good luck with move.

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  7. I have several grating drums for long-since gone rotary graters.
    I also have parts of homemade lolly thingies (which don't ever work).
    And strange shaped forks and tiny spoons that I don't recall buying.