Thursday, 18 November 2010

All Change

I've spoken before about the fact my house is on the market. Other half's has been on the market too but after a thorough review of our going forward strategy (ie 3 bits of scruffy paper with barely distinguishable numbers on), we decided we'd advertise to rent his house out. Up on the lettings market it goes, one couple come to look round last week, and another family on Monday. Nothing heard from the first couple, the family like the kitchen, love the bathroom, happy with the rental asking price and can they move in on the 1st December?

Well then. Right. OK.

This is going to require a feat of logistical genius so enormous and so daring, you would weep with the planning. Not to mention the fact that at least one half of this intrepid couple gets stressy when she can't immediately remember where an earring is. So what we've got to do is merge the 2 households into one household. Right Mr or Mrs Maths Genius, how many times does 2 into 1 go? Yep, that's right.

Examples of conversations this week:-

"Well you can't bring that crap"

"You're going to have to get rid of some of this shit"

"If you can't make 2 small shelves work for you, that's not my problem."

"Will they have to go in alphabetical order?"

"What do you mean your iron's better than mine?"

"I'm just going to dump it."

"Where are we going to put it? No really, where exactly? It won't fit. It won't. Not with the bed. Unless you open the door and climb STRAIGHT ON THE BED."

As you can see, it's a work in progress. I can't think of 2 people who'll handle it better.

And at least you're guaranteed a comedy blog for the next couple of weeks.


  1. What fun! We have just moved, thankfully into a slightly bigger house but as I have aspirations of a loft conversion (not a possibility having just lost my job but I live in hope), I am tyring to keep the loft as clear as possible to convince OH we dont really need the storage space so tyring to find new places for things is a nightmare. Have fun trying to work it all out x

  2. There is nothing fun about moving. BUT there is much fun to be had in blogging about it!

  3. Think I am now following you, not sure though!!

  4. You're back! Sorry I'm late [out of breath, panting noises]. You'll have to put up with inane rubbish from me alongside all the proper visitors now I've found you again. The person who first commented on my blog is for life, not just the duration of your two (count them, two) previous blogs! I shall continue to hunt you down like the fine blogger you are.

  5. Best of luck to you. Loved the snippets of conversation. I look forward to hearing how it goes :)

  6. SLM, thanks for popping by, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the loft conversion!

    Hi gorgeous Aussie, you're right, but it's the only comfort I take!

    Lola! What can I say?!!! I'm so pleased you're here. Now it feels like home. Will be off to yours as soon as possible.

    Hi Penny, I'll try to keep you all up to date, nervous breakdowns allowing.