Monday, 25 October 2010

What I've Loved This Week....

…is punctuality. I think it’s fairly well understood in the blogging world that to build up your readership and enhance the experience for the visitor, you need to post regularly. I’m not sure if, as part of that, it has to be good as well, but it certainly has to be regular. For all I know, you might be able to do a post that’s just your shopping list (and there’s more to follow on that later in the week). Or perhaps you could let your child just bash away on the keys, put that little gem up and call it creative?

With this lesson in mind, I decided to set this blog up with a specific structure in mind; I’d do two posts (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) that was just whatever was on my mind that week, or whatever had got my goat the particular minute I started to write. On Saturdays, I would write a proper mum post – I know sometimes you forget I’m a parent blogger, but I really am, my family are at the heart of eveything I do, and I thought I’d dedicate one post a week just to prove it to you (and me).

The one thing I was really clear about was writing one post a week where I told you about what I’d loved during the week. I’m a really positive person, and I always see the good in a person or situation, but if you read my blog you’ll think I’m a real old whinge bag, so that’s just to remind everyone that I’m really not going after half the population of the known world with a hatchet.

It’s not that many, I don’t have time.

I decided I’d do that post on a Sunday, a nice family sort of day, and it would round the week off nicely. I think that when you start blogging you have to instill some discipline in yourself – it’s all too easy to let things go, not post, and then decide you can’t be bothered to go back to it. So, all in all, I’m really pleased I decided to stick to my routine.

Except, it’s Monday, and I’m doing it today. Because, you know, life?

Anyway, moving along, because we don’t need to dwell on that partiular failing, here we go.

This week I’ve loved watching The Inbetweeners. I’m fairly sure it’s not aimed at my age group, who frankly ought to be watching Panorama and Newsnight, it’s filthy, it’s disgusting, and it’s given me a vocabulary for body parts and intimate practices of which a builder would be proud. It was the last episode this week, but there’s rumours of a film on the horizon, and I’ll be there at the cinema with all of the people who are young enough to be my children.

This week I've loved blogs. I'm really trying very hard to get round as many blogs as I can, but the trouble is I don't want to just have a quick squint at them, make some banal comment and then move on. I like to have a proper read, like you would with a magazine, and then I have a rummage through some of the older posts to see what it's all about and then sometimes I go off at a tangent because they recommend someone else and do you know what people? No time! That's what I've got, no time! I wouldn't want someone to recommend a blog to me on the basis of one post, so I have to make sure you can trust me. First up for blog I've loved this week is the lovely Penny who knocks around at The Alexander Residence. Not only does her blog look great, she's really, really entertaining, she has some great discussion points, and as her daughter's threatening to destroy her vicarious career plans, I think you should all go and show her some love. Secondly, I'm going to take you on a little trip abroad. When I was first a blogger a little while ago, I have to say the Americans really showed us the way with blogging - as with many things they did it bigger and better. When I wanted to read a really funny entertaining blog, I was pointed in the direction of Melissa at Suburban Bliss. She's a blogger who can make me laugh out loud, and then want to cry with her in the space of a few posts. She manages to be amusing even when she's down and she makes you feel better about school holidays with her some time dread of spending more time with her children. Once you read the tagline for her blog (Birth Control via The Written Word), you'll understand exactly where she's coming from, and how we're either going there or have been already.

So there's my little round up for the week - what have you loved?


  1. Hello and thank you so much for the mention. LOL - you hit the nail on the head, re my daughter destroying my career plans. I love your schedule idea too, reckon I could do with some more organisation. Your point about having a proper read - that's really important, and tangents - I have never been so all over the place in my life.
    Penny x

  2. Thanks loved that post! You have me thinking I should plan my blog more. Hmmm will have a think.

    This week I'm very excited as I've ordered a book I keep hearing about, "Buddhism for Mothers" which is the sort of thing I would normally run a mile from but I'm giving a go.

    Am also trying to get fit. Ha ha haaaa!!!!